Info on Vitamin E

Since its discovery, Vitamin E has gained the interest of scientists and health professionals world-wide. It was originally found that an absence of Vitamin E caused animals to become sterile. Further research has shown a deficiency of Vitamin E in some animals may also result in muscular dystrophy, certain heart problems and other ailments. The most extensive clinical work with Vitamin E was done by Doctors Evan and Wilfrid Shute of Canada, beginning in the 1940's.


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Vitamin E for Your Good Health

  • helps maintain the good health of our body tissues
  • protects cell membranes
  • enables the body to utilize other nutrients
  • protects body cells from damage by excess free radicals
  • necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system

Because this essential nutrient cannot be manufactured by the body, many knowledgeable individuals are choosing a Vitamin E nutritional supplement.

All-Natural Vitamin E

Carlson Vitamin E can be used with confidence. All Carlson Vitamin E formulas are Independently Assayed to Guarantee 100% Potency, 100% Natural-Source Vitamin E.

Carlson All-Natural Vitamin E is derived from soybean oil, a food source. Synthetic Vitamin E is not derived from a food source, but is produced from turpentine or petroleum products.

Published studies of scientists and nutritionists confirm the differences among the types of Vitamin E. It is now universally recognized that Natural Vitamin E is considerably more active biologically than Synthetic Vitamin E. Research shows that Natural Vitamin E is: ABSORBED BETTER, and RETAINED IN THE BODY LONGER.

How to Recognize Natural Vitamin E

Alpha Tocopherol (or Alpha Tocopheryl) is the recognized term for Vitamin E.

Acetate and Succinate are important organic molecules within our bodies involved in numerous biochemical reactions. For example, acetate is an important part of acetylcholine, the neural transmitter required by every nerve cell in our bodies to transmit impulses. Moreover, acetate and succinate are found in energy producing reactions in every cell. Acetate is another name for pure vinegar, and succinate is two acetic acid molecules attached together.

Don't be Fooled By "Part-Natural" Vitamin E

Unfortunately, some brands of Vitamin E are mislabeled. Some products claim to contain Natural Vitamin E when, in fact, they only contain 5% to 25% Natural Vitamin E blended with Synthetic Vitamin E.

The presence of Natural Vitamin E can only be guaranteed by an Independent Assay (Test) of each batch. As your assurance that Carlson products contain only 100% Natural-Source Vitamin E, the statement above appears on all vitamin E labels.

Tested Quality

At Carlson Laboratories we not only promise quality, we GUARANTEE it. Since our beginning, every batch of Vitamin E product has been assayed for potency and source by an independent testing firm which is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as following Good Laboratory Practices. Copies of individual assay reports, as shown at the left, may be obtained upon request.

The Recommended Vitamin E

Physicians and health-care professionals recommend Carlson Vitamin E knowing that their patients will be receiving only the highest quality of 100% Natural Vitamin E with full label potency guaranteed.

The medical staff of the Shute Medical Clinic of Canada, internationally recognized for their research and clinical applications with Vitamin E, have singled out Carlson Vitamin E products as the brand they highly recommend.

Only through our dedication to the highest standards of excellence have we retained these valued recommendations.

Informative Free Booklet Available

You will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Vitamin E, among them:

  • How much should I take?
  • When should I take it?
  • Can Iron and Vitamin E conflict when taken together?
  • Can I get better results from one form of Natural Vitamin E than from another form?

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