Minerals are just as important as vitamins in your diet. Modern agricultural methods tend to deplete the soil of vital minerals and little is being done to correct the problem. Carlson Laboratories provides a variety of minerals in different forms to optimize your mineral absorption.
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Carlson Chelated Magnesium

Chelated Magnesium

Price: $19.90

Carlson Chelated Cal-Mag

Chelated Cal-Mag 2:1

Price: $15.90

Carlson Magnesium


Price: $9.90

Carlson Chelated Zinc

Chelated Zinc

Price: $7.90

Carlson Chelated Calcium 250 mg

Chelated Calcium

Price: $10.90

Carlson Chelated Chromium

Chelated Chromium

Price: $7.75

Carlson Chelated Iron

Chelated Iron

Price: $9.90

Carlson Selenium 200 mcg

Selenium 200 mcg

Price: $9.50

Carlson Chelated Copper

Chelated Copper

Price: $14.90

Carlson Zinc 15 mg

Zinc 15 mg

Price: $7.50

18 Results (Viewing 1 - 12 of 18)

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