Carlson natural-source vitamin E is twice as active in our bodies as synthetic vitamin E. Vitamin E promotes healthy immune and cardiovascular system function and protects cell membranes by preventing free radical damage.

Since its discovery, vitamin E has gained the interest of scientists and health professionals worldwide. Fifty years of medical research shows it's 1 of the most active antioxidant nutrients with many proven health benefits. Because of this, many choose to take a high-quality, natural-source vitamin E supplement. The amount of vitamin E shown to be effective in clinical studies is not easily obtainable, even from a well-balanced diet. Additionally, this important nutrient can't be manufactured by the body.

Carlson natural-source vitamin E is derived from soybean oil, a food source. Synthetic vitamin E is produced from turpentine or petroleum products. Research shows natural-source vitamin E is retained in the body much longer than synthetic vitamin E, and it produces high vitamin E levels in the brain, heart, lungs, blood cells, and more. 
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Carlson E-Gem Lip Care

E Gem Lip Care

Price: $3.28

Carlson E-Gems Elite 400 IU

E Gems Elite 400 IU

Price: $34.90

Carlson E-Gems Elite 1,000 IU

E Gems Elite 1,000 IU

Price: $53.50

Carlson E-Gem Oil Drops

E Gem Oil Drops

Price: $6.50

Carlson Key-E Suppositories

Key E Suppositories

Price: $8.88

Carlson Tocotrienols


Price: $23.50

Carlson E-Gems 400 IU

E Gems 400 IU

Price: $15.90

Carlson E-Gems Plus 400 IU

E Gems Plus 400 IU

Price: $22.50

Carlson E-Gems 200 IU

E Gems 200 IU

Price: $16.90

Carlson E-Gems 100 IU

E Gems 100 IU

Price: $13.90

18 Results (Viewing 1 - 12 of 18)

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