Carlson Laboratories Reacts to a Recent Study Revealing Fish Oil May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk


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Arlington Heights, IL --- July 2010 --- Carlson Laboratories Reacts to a Recent Study Revealing Fish Oil May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk: A study reported in a recent issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention analyzed the effect of fish oil supplementation on breast cancer risk. Researchers had 35,016 post-menopausal women (ages 50-76) fill out a questionnaire regarding their use of non-vitamin and non-mineral supplements – “specialty supplements”. After six years of follow up, researchers discovered a 32% reduced risk in developing ductal breast cancer (the most common type of breast cancer) for women supplementing with omega-3 fish oils compared to women not taking supplemental fish oil.

Kirsten Carlson, Marketing Manager at Carlson Laboratories, stated, “For years, research has been revealing the cardiovascular benefits of taking supplemental omega-3’s, but we are thrilled to see that research is uncovering more and more amazing benefits every day. It is exciting to see new studies regarding fish oil and women’s health.”

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