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03/16/2016 Carlson Labs Introduces Men's Omega Multi, a Hard-Working Multivitamin
03/08/2016 Carlson Labs is the First Industry Direct Supplier to Joint IX-ONE as a Founding Member

02/16/2016 Carlson Labs Introduces Kid's DHA, a Smart Kid Supplement for Brain Health

02/16/2016 Carlson Labs Introduces Reformulated Nutra-Support Diabetes

02/05/2016 Carlson Labs Gives Free Red Aprons for Heart Awareness Month

01/20/2016 Carlson Labs Introduces Reformulated Mother's DHA, with Five Times more DHA

12/08/2015 Carlson Labs Introduces Women's Omega Multi, a Multi-Tasker Supplement

11/13/2015 Carlsons Labs Introduces Women's Probiotics, Men's Probiotics, and Probiotics 50+

06/16/2015 Carlson Labs Introduces Tart Cherry, a Small Fruit with Major Workout Power
06/12/2015 Carlson Labs Introduces Ceylon Cinnamon to the Canadian Market

06/04/2015 Carlson Labs Introduces Pterostilbene, Packing the Punch of About 2,000 Cups of Fresh Blueberries

05/27/2015 Carlson Labs Receives #1 Rated Award from

05/19/2015 Carlson Labs Continues its Superior Taste Award Winning Streak

05/12/2015 Carlson Labs Introduces Vitamin D in 5,000 IU

04/20/2015 Carlson Labs Celebrated 50 Years at CHFA Expo West in Anaheim, California

04/14/2015 Carlson Labs Celebrates 50 Years with Special Honors to Southtown Health Foods

04/09/2015 Cod Liver Oil Fruit Splash Wins Taste for Life Supplement Essentials Award

03/16/2015 Carlson Labs Introduces Reformulated Lutein & Greens

03/03/2015 Carlson Labs Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Natural Products Expo West

03/08/2015 Carlson Labs Showcases Six New Products at Expo West 2016

02/24/2015 Carlson Labs Introduces Elite EPA Gems, with 1,000 mg of EPA per Soft Gel

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