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Carlson Laboratories Issues Statement Regarding FDA's Issuance of GMP Regulations for Dietary Supplements

On June 25, 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued final GMP regulations for dietary supplements that will affect all nutritional supplement manufacturers. Carlson Laboratories welcomes this long-awaited step by the FDA, as it will help raise the public's confidence in nutritional supplement manufacturers.

John R. Carlson, President of Carlson Laboratories stated, "Carlson Laboratories takes the quality of our products very seriously. Our family name is on every label, so it's a matter of pride to us that our facilities, staff and production practices result in high-quality nutritional supplements. We have always had GMP's in place at Carlson. Since 2003, we have participated in the Natural Product Association's GMP 3rd - Party Certification program which was based on proposed FDA guidelines and have consistently received an "A" compliance rating."

Carlson Laboratories has reviewed the FDA's final published GMP regulations and feels confident that the GMP's that we are currently following need only minor revisions to conform to the final FDA regulations.

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