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Vitamin D Deficiency is Common among Healthy Adolescent Girls

Researchers in the UK conducted a cross-sectional study to assess vitamin D status in 51 healthy 10th grade adolescent girls in UK inner-city schools. Daily intake of vitamin D and calcium were estimated using a food-frequency questionnaire while sunlight exposure was estimated using a sunlight exposure questionnaire. The researchers found that vitamin D deficiency was common among “healthy” adolescent girls (73%), with non-white girls suffering from the most severe deficiency.

This information is very important, as over 35% of the peak bone mass of a mature adult is accrued during the four years surrounding the peak pubertal growth spurt. Vitamin D deficiency during this important period may put adolescent girls at an increased risk for osteoporotic bone fracture later in life. Vitamin D status should be addressed in this group.

Das G et al. "Hypovitaminosis D among healthy adolescent girls attending an inner city school." Arch. Dis. Child. 2006; 91:569-572.

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