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Carlson Takes Part in 2007 Natural Products Day in Washington, D.C.

By: John Carlson

This March, over 180 people representing the natural supplements industry traveled to Washington, D.C. for Natural Products Day. During this event, they might have the opportunity to meet with their representatives on Capital Hill. My daughters, Carilyn Anderson and Kirsten Carlson, were there representing Carlson Laboratories, Inc. Not only was Carilyn representing Carlson Laboratories, she also serves as a Director of the Mid American Health Organization (MAHO).

This important event has gained support in its 10-year history, with this past event drawing the largest amount of participants ever. Natural Products Day allows retailers and manufacturers to meet and discuss with our Congressional representatives and their staff important issues and legislation that affects our industry. Lobby Day also helps to educate Congress and their representatives on the positive health benefits nutritional supplements and our industry help bring to the millions of American consumers that use our products.

Kirsten Carlson stated, "I feel that we are making a difference on Capitol Hill by presenting the Natural Products Associations' views on some of the bills that are before Congress, supporting our industry and answering any questions that they may have about dietary supplements and living a healthy life."

The Natural Products Association (formerly known as the National Nutritional Food Association, or NNFA) organizes this important event every year. If you have not attended this event in the past, I urge you to consider finding out more and coming to the next Natural Products Day.

For more information about Natural Products Day visit the NPA website at: On their website they have informative information on how you can help urge your Congressional representatives to support access to dietary supplements.

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