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Vitamin E and Heart Disease Prevention

We read with excitement a study printed in JAMA in 2005, concerning whether vitamin E supplements decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease in healthy women. Reading the study, 482 cardiovascular events occurred in the vitamin E group versus 517 events in the placebo group - and "there was a significant 24% reduction in cardiovascular deaths among women in the vitamin E group" and "a significant reduction in major cardiovascular events was observed among women aged at least 65 years assigned to vitamin E..."

However, the conclusion of the study's researchers was; "The data from this large trial indicated that 600 IU of natural-source vitamin E taken every other day provided no overall benefit for major cardiovascular events or cancer, did not affect total mortality, and decreased cardiovascular mortality in healthy women."

This conclusion appeared in nationwide newspapers with titles such as "Vitamin E Does Not Prevent Heart Disease."

Four of the eight researchers acknowledged financial support from Bayer Drug Company. Based on the recent JAMA findings of conflicting drug interests, one wonders if all disclosures were stated.

JAMA, July 6, 2005 Issue.

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