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The Lone Survivor of the SAGO Mine Explosion

The Lone survivor of the January 2, 2006 SAGO mine explosion, Randal McCloy, Jr., spent a long time in a hospital fighting organ failure and severe brain damage due to the extended time in the mine with limited oxygen supply.

His doctor, familiar with the work of Barry Sears and the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, began to give Randal 18 grams of EPA and DHA daily, via a feeding tube.

After being in a coma for weeks and in rehabilitation, he gradually recovered from his ordeal. The anti-inflammatory benefit of DHA and EPA helped heal his brain, joints, immune system and organs.

The very high dosage of 18 grams of Omega-3's was monitored in Randal's blood to ascertain it remained in a therapeutical range.

Chicago Tribune - May 2, 2006.

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