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Fish Oils May Improve Lipid Risk Factors in Obese Children

At the recent American Heart Association (AHA) 2005 Scientific Sessions, researchers reported, amongst other things, some exciting new studies involving fish oil supplementation. One of the studies presented suggested that fish oil supplementation could help improve the lipid profile in children who are overweight and at high risk for heart disease.

49 overweight children (aged 10-18 years) with a body mass index higher than the 95th percentile were studied during a 12-week period. The children were randomized to a control group or active treatment group and all received a low-glycemic load diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein. They also engaged in a supervised exercise program during a three-month period. The active treatment group received 3 grams daily of a fish oil supplement.

After 12 weeks, the triglyceride levels in the control group did not differ significantly from base line levels. In the fish oil treatment group, triglyceride levels had decreased significantly. Additionally, a change in the ratio of triglyceride/HDL cholesterol suggested an increase in the size of the particles, which lowers the risk of heart disease.

AHA 2005 Scientific Sessions: Poster B94, Abstract 210. Presented Nov. 13, 2005.

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