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Ozone and Mortality

Short term exposure to Ozone has been linked to serious health conditions. Researches investigated the relationship between ozone levels in various U.S. cities and mortality the day after the exposure. The results were sobering: Short term ozone exposure was associated with a 0.5% estimated increased mortality for the total population from cardiovascular and respiratory events. Older people and those with chronic heart and lung disease were considered the most vulnerable to ozone exposure. The researchers concluded, "The results indicate a substantial health burden from ozone pollution."

The 5 top U.S. cities with the highest Ozone-Mortality relationships are:

1. New York
2. Newark
3. Philadelphia
4. Cincinnati
5. Dallas/Ft. Worth

The 5 cities with the lowest Ozone-Mortality relationships are:

1. Orlando
2. Denver
3. San Antonio
4. Las Vegas
5. Little Rock

JAMA Nov. 17, 2004, 292;19;2372-78

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