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Congratulations to our WINNERS from the NNFA Convention, LV, NV

This year at Dr. Abel's lecture and Jack Challem's lecture, health food stores had a chance in a drawing to win a pair of tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's spectacular show "Ka" at the MGM Grand. Also, in celebration of our 40th Anniversary, at the Carlson booth, health food stores had a chance to win a DVD Recorder. We have three winners that guessed closest to the actual number of soft gels that were inside of the BIG Bottle. I'm happy to announce the WINNERS are:

Dee Mayar, Life Priority, Inc. Lenexa, Kansas

Bette Martinelli, Earth Organics, Bob Cannon's Vitamins, Canyon Country, California

Dilbert Wingert, Kankakee Natural Foods, Bradley, Illinois

Other winners of the DVD/VHS VCR:

R. Michael Hughes, Great Earth Vitamins, Waukee, Iowa

Linda Bowden, The Healthy Way, Baytown, Texas

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