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Heart Hospital Realizes Fast Food Can Lead to Heart Disease

McDonalds are currently in 36 hospitals. They are one of 9 fast food restaurants in the food court of the renown Cleveland Clinic known world-wide for their heart research and procedures. It's heart center sees over 200,000 patients yearly and performs nearly 4,000 heart operations. The Cleveland Clinic was ranked by U.S. News & World Report (7-12-04) As the #1 leading heart hospital in the United States.

The Cleveland Clinic is beginning to realize at last, that French fries served at this leading heart clinic sends the wrong message to their heart patients and their families! Many fast food items as deep fried food, greasy hamburgers, etc. contribute to heart disease. McDonalds recently met with officials to work out a possible compromise. Pizza Hut has already left.

By Susan Carlson
Chicago Tribune Newspaper 1-5-05 p13

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