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Review on Vitamin E and Mortality

Review on Vitamin E and Mortality

By John Carlson

A recent report based on an analysis of 19 clinical trials stated that dosage of vitamin E 400 IU and higher used by patients with chronic diseases showed a higher all-cause mortality rate than found in healthy adults.

It should be pointed out that this was not a clinical study, but a ­­­­­­summarization of eleven high dose and 8 low dose selected studies that involved various types and forms of vitamin E which were sometimes given in combinations with other vitamins. Also note, a study was not considered for inclusion in the report unless 10 deaths or more, had been reported which eliminated many studies from being included which could have greatly affected results.

The study authors note that their data from these selected studies show longer lifespan when lower dosage of vitamin E is taken. Also, that their analysis has limitations, but the "…use of any high-dosage vitamin supplements should be discouraged until evidence of efficacy is documented…" To apply one meta-analysis of one vitamin to all supplements is a stretch of conclusions.

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