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Carlson Laboratories Moving Toward a Non-GMO Future
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Kelly Wavra
J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc.
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Arlington Heights, IL ---February 2014--- Carlson Laboratories Moving Toward a Non-GMO Future. Since its inception nearly 50 years ago, J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc., has been a family owned and operated business. Because no one cares more about quality than the people who put their names on it, Carlson Laboratories is, and always has been, dedicated to providing only the highest quality nutritional supplements. Carlson’s founders, Susan and John Carlson, felt natural-source vitamin E provided the most health benefits. To this day, Carlson steadfastly believes that natural products are safer and more effective than products made with ingredients not found in nature.

“Natural” is not a word Carlson uses lightly. It is a large part of why this business exists and thrives. Which is why, as more information comes to light about the negative effects of GMOs, Carlson is making strides to one day be completely GMO-free. Looking to the future Carlson will remain vigilant about the quality of its products, searching for only the finest non-GMO ingredients. Until then, Carlson is committed to sourcing the very best natural ingredients choosing non-GMO, non-irradiated, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

About Carlson Laboratories

Carlson Laboratories has been supplying high quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for nearly 50 years. Our Norwegian fish oils are renowned for their purity, freshness and great taste.  Call us today for more information @ 1-888-234-5656, or visit your local natural foods store. J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc., 600 W. University Drive, Arlington Heights, IL  60004.


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